Fréquences – Book for iPhone

Fréquences was born out of a meeting of Célia Houdart, André Baldinger, Sébastien Roux, Graziella Antonini and Martin Blum, and of their common interest in experimentation.
It is a new kind of e-book that you both read and listen to, which combines sound design, graphic design, typographie and interactivity.

Available on the App store.
On the 24 of May 2011, a special screening took place at the Centre culturel suisse, Paris, France .

Typefaces: BLine, BDot et BaldingerPro
Text: Célia Houdart
Graphic and Typeface design: André Baldinger
Sound design: Sébastien Roux
Photography: Graziella Antonini
Production and development: Martin Blum/Blumbyte

André Baldinger

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