DOC 28 • Enquête Arcane


⁣⁣Inspired by André Breton’s book «Arcane 17», which refers to the 17th blade of the tarot where the emblem of the star appears and also to the 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet which evokes, as a sign, the tongue in the mouth. Playing the analogy between the arcane and the letter, Breton puts at the center of a whole series of correspondences and passionate attractions, the woman, symbol of source of life. She pours water out of her hands.⁣⁣

Format: 1200 × 1760 mm
Silkscreen printed by Lézard Graphique

Toan Vu-Huu


  • Sélection pour l’exposition du 4e Festival International d’affiche de Shenzhen (Chine)
  • Certificate of typographic excellence, «TDC 66», New York, USA
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