Daiga Grantina • Latvian Pavilion 2019

Website for Saules Suns at The Pavilion of Latvia at the 58th International Venice Art Biennale
May 11—November 24, 2019

The Latvian Pavilion hosted Saules Suns, a site-specific installation by the artist Daiga Grantina. In her practice, Daiga Grantina uses a wide range of everyday materials, from the synthetic to the organic, often inverting and trespassing beyond the limits of their traditional uses to create associative formations that both conceal and reveal, directing the viewer’s gaze in manifold ways.
The sources of inspiration for this new installation were light and simultaneity. Saules Suns is a multi-centred landscape that unfolds around several suns, several sources of light traversing manifold materials and shapes.

Toan Vu-Huu

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