DOC 27 • baldinger•vu-huu à DOC!


Poster realized with an augmented reality dimension announcing our personal exhibition “b • v-h” to DOC. The QR-code will take you (you may have brought) to this page. To experience this poster and those of our exhibition in augmented reality, please download the application for iOS here and for Android here.
Exhibition from 7 to 21 September
from Tuesday to Saturday from 15h to 19h
to DOC!
26 rue Docteur Potain
75019 Paris

Format: 1200 × 1760 mm
Color: Noir
Printing: Sérigraphie Lézard Graphique
Animation et 3d: Samuel Bloch
Application AR: Arnaud Meneraud

André Baldinger & Toan Vu-Huu

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